About The Project

Super Shapes, Super Style

In this project, Aliyya uses shapes to create pictures that delight and make the audience smile - whether by telling a visual joke or through fun and playful characters. Translated into patterns and wearable textiles like the adapted face mask, this project is also an exploration of Aliyya’s self-expression and sense of style as she takes her first steps into the world of fashion design.

Motivated by the thought of gifting her artwork printed on masks, Aliyya embarked on a simple mission to create happy and funny pictures. She interviewed her family and friends to find out what are their favourite things and gave them each a humorous twist - a karaoke-singing flower, a star-eyed cat eating a hamburger and a fire-breathing dragon camouflaged in the forest - say what?

As Aliyya discovers a fascinating world of shapes and patterns through technology with Aida, we also came to appreciate accessible apps with distraction-free interfaces and buttons to tap for most features.

Hop over to Aliyya’s WOW! project to see her modeling these designs on an adapted mask designed with her mentor, Elisa Lim.

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ABOUT Aliyya

Aliyya is fashionable, confident and enthusiastic about art. She has cerebral palsy and global development delay. Aliyya's iPad is her augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device and she enjoys short email exchanges. She accurately describes herself as funny, learns fast and good with technology. In her free time, she enjoys vocalizing to Disney songs and being an affectionate big sister to a pair of younger twin siblings.

About Aida

Aida is an artist and art director who’s whimsical ideas and playful illustrations bring the seemingly mundane to life by exploring fun and interesting points of view. A lot of her work draws from personal experiences, making it relatable to many.